Want to learn how to draw from scratch in 60 seconds?

In this course I'll cover...

  • How to sketch quickly from memory and imagination with confidence

  • How to use just 1 pencil and ordinary paper with no experience necessary

  • How to draw better immediately with 4 simple skills most of us already use on a daily basis

  • What drawing is and where it comes from. How do I know this method works for most people? I've taught myself first and over the past 31 years helped thousands of others do the same

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Here's What You'll Get Instant Access To:

  • Full video explanation on the 4 natural skills needed for drawing and that most people use daily

  • 3 printable pdf booklets showing you step by step how to draw and shade 9 woodland animals (8 with left and right views) as well as trees, plants and flowers

  • 5 video demonstrations in real-time showing you how to draw 5 Woodland Animals accurately using angle and size comparison

  • 5 video demonstrations in real-time showing you how to draw 5 Woodland Animals in just 60 seconds each

  • A quick easy summary of shading basics and where to put your highlights and shadows with just 1 pencil and ordinary paper

  • 5 video demonstrations in real time showing you how to shade 5 Woodland Animals using 3 fundamental shading skills and 5 areas of light and shadow

  • Full video discussion on how to arrange your animals and woodland elements in an entire picture so it looks pleasing and balanced

  • Bonus section on how to draw a whole variety of other objects using these simple quick processes

Would you love to include drawing in your life, if only it was quick, easy and fun to do? What if you could learn a process to help you draw from memory and imagination over and over again for whatever you choose to draw? What you learn from this course will help you do just that! We'll draw 5 woodland animals to help you learn how. Be prepared to be amazed at what you're about to discover from this one simple course!
I Want To Learn To Draw In 60 Seconds

What People Are Saying About This Course

by Linda Elliott (USA)

Has me motivated to draw every day

by Linda Elliott (USA)

"I love this course. It's is easy to use, understand and follow along. You show us how we can draw whatever we want with this method and succeed. It is really a great course, better than any thing else out there. In all the books I have purchased and You Tube videos I have watched, this one has improved my drawing the most. It has motivated me to draw everyday and given me confidence that I can draw."
by Colleen Cooke (Australia)

I Could Draw Them in My Sleep Now

by Colleen Cooke (Australia)

"This is a great course, and I found that doing both the left and right images was a good idea. Doing both left and right made me really look at the original drawing alot more. The shading part is great, because they look so good when they're shaded. I can’t say I did them all in 60 seconds but I think I could draw them in my sleep now!"
by Ann Petrochko (Pennsylvania)

No Stress, Pure Inspiration and Fun!

by Ann Petrochko (Pennsylvania)

"DRAWING MUST BE FUN!!! This Woodland course brings joy. I wanted to draw yesterday afternoon but I was tired and didn’t want the stress of my current graphite project. Then I saw the announcement about the Woodland course and decided to give it a try. It was just plain no stress, inspiration and FUN! Thank you Cindy!"

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