The Complete Online Drawing Course

The Complete Online Drawing Course

From your first lines to completely original art | taught by Cindy Wider
  • 194 Videos
  • 6 Quizzes
  • 2 Multimedia
  • 10 Texts
  • 120.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Orientation Guide
Welcome to the DrawPj Academy
Create a Pre-Instruction Drawing
The Beginner Drawing Family Facebook Group
Recommended Art Supplies
Study Blocks for DrawPj Mentored Students
Mentoring Program Upgrades for Self-Study Students
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CD-ESK: Essential Skills - Just Pick Up Your Pencil!
Essential Skills Introduction
Halving Lines
Drawing Angles
Introduction to Scribble Gesture
Introduction to Basic Shapes
Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Triangles
Drawing Circles
Drawing Ellipses
Drawing Bell Shapes
Construction Drawing Examples
Essential Skills: Downloadable Booklets
Essential Skills Summary
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CD-ESP: Essential Skills - Projects
Introduction to Projects
Peppie the Pup: Downloadable Project Booklets
Peppie the Pup - Part A: Construction Drawing
Peppie the Pup - Part B: Outline Drawing
Tallulah Ted: Downloadable Project Booklets
Tallulah Ted: Part A: Construction Drawing
Tallulah Ted: Part B: Outline Drawing
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CD-EFS: Essential Skills: Major Project - Fred the Sausage Dog
Fred the Sausage Dog Project Booklet
Fred part a - Construction Drawing
Fred part b - Outline Drawing
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CD-ESS: Essential Skills - Drawing 3D Solid Shapes
3D Solid Shapes part a
3D Solid Shapes part b
Solid Shapes part c
Solid Shapes part d
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CD-EBP: Essential Skills - Bonus Project Booklets
Learn to See Shapes in Objects
Simple Man-made Objects
Marmalade the Rabbit Project
Oscar the Cat Project
Cyril the Squirrel Project
Cuddly Cat Toby Project
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CD-SPT: Pencil Techniques - Six Pencil Techniques
Six Pencil Techniques Introduction
Introduction and Smooth Shading Technique
Broad Stroke Technique
Chisel Point Technique
Fine Lines Technique
Hatching Technique
Cross Hatching Technique
Erasing Techniques
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CD-SOH: Pencil Techniques - Major Project: The Old Hay Shed
Project Booklet
Introduction and the Graphite Transfer Method
Pencil Stroke Placement and Shadow Areas
Trees and Leaves
Background Elements
The Roof Area
Completing the Foreground
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CD-SBP: Pencil Techniques - Bonus Project Booklets
Tulips in a Tub Project
Giant Cherry Cupcake Project
Happy Campers Project
Shining Lighthouse Project
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CD-QCD: Quiz
Construction Drawing Quiz
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XR-ALN: Extra Reading - The Artist's Language
XR1.1 The Artist's Language and Your Four Natural Abilities
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SF-SST: Shading - Shading Techniques
Shading Techniques Introduction and Booklet
Create a Value Scale
Shaded Curves
Two Smooth Shading Techniques
Soft Edge
Hard Edge
Shading Techniques Summary
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SF-TLS: Shading - 'The Theory of Light and Shade'
Introduction to the Theory of Light and Shade
Theory of Light and Shade Booklet
Shade a Cube
Shade a Sphere
Shade a Cone
Shade a Cylinder
Theory of Light and Shade Summary
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SF-SBP: Shading - Bonus Project Booklets
Bob the Boat Project
Puddles the Boot Project
Frangipani Dreams Project
The Holiday Project
A Variety of Subjects
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SF-SCF: Shading - Clothing and Folds
Introduction to Five Folds (essential reading)
Shaded Drawing of a Column Fold (tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of a Column Fold (speed drawing)
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SF-PSK: Shading - Major Project: Silver Kettle
Silver Kettle Project Booklet
Silver Kettle Tutorial
Silver Kettle Speed Drawing
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SF-PSW: Shading - Major Project: A Shoe Well Travelled
'A Shoe Well Travelled': Introduction and Booklet
Part a: Introduction, first layer and sole stitching
Part b: Impressing technique in shoe folds
Part c: Laces and leather stitching
Part d: Rubber sole and summary
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SF-BLU: Shading - Bonus Project: The Little Urn
Little Urn Resources
Shaded Drawing of the Little Urn (Tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of the Little Urn (speed drawing)
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SF-QSF: Quiz
Shading and Form Quiz
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PF-PPO: Pencil Portraiture
Facial Features Introduction and Resources
Shaded Drawing of the Human Eye (intro and tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of the Human Eye (speed drawing)
Shaded Drawing of the Human Nose (tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of the Human Nose (speed drawing)
Shaded Drawing of Human Lips (tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of Human Lips (speed drawing)
Shaded Drawing of the Human Ear (tutorial)
Shaded Drawing of the Human Ear (speed drawing)
Mark the Positions of the Individual Features on a Face
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PF-PIP: Pencil Portraiture - Project: Isha (Child Portrait)
Child Portrait - Introduction and Resources
Portrait of Isha part a - construction drawing and outline
Portrait of Isha part b - hair
Portrait of Isha part c - face and jumper
Portrait of Isha (speed drawing)
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PF-CTC: Charcoal Portraiture - Twelve Charcoal Techniques
Introduction to Charcoal Portraiture
Art Materials Video (part 1)
Art Materials Video (part 2)
Covering Large Areas with Willow Charcoal
Covering Medium Sized Areas with Willow Charcoal
Covering Small Areas with Willow Charcoal
Drawing Fine Lines with Willow Charcoal
Drawing Fine Lines with Charcoal Pencil
Creating Gradations with Blending
Creating Soft Edges with Blending
Creating Hard Edges
Hatching Lines with Willow Charcoal and Charcoal Pencil
Lines with Variations in Widths
Erasing Techniques
White Conte and White Charcoal Techniques
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PF-CLH: Charcoal Portraiture - Project: Long Hair
Long Hair Project Booklet
Long Hair: Step 1
Long Hair: Step 2
Long Hair: Step 3 (part a)
Long Hair: Step 3 (part b)
Long Hair: Step 4 (part a)
Long Hair: Step 4 (part b)
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PF-CSH: Charcoal Portraiture - Project: Short Hair
Short Hair Project Booklet
Short Hair: Steps 1 and 2
Short Hair: Step 3
Short Hair: Step 4
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PF-CCH: Charcoal Portraiture - Bonus Project: Curly Hair
Curly Hair Project Booklet
Curly Hair: Steps 1,2 and 3
Curly Hair: Step 4
Curly Hair: Steps 5 and 6
Curly Hair: Step 7
Curly Hair: Step 8
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PF-CSP: Charcoal Portraiture - Major Project: Self Portrait
Introduction and Resources
Initial Guidelines
Basic Outlines
The Final Outline (part a)
The Final Outline (part b)
Shading Eyes
Shading Eyes (continued) and Forehead
Shading the Nose
Shading the Nose (continued)
Shading around the face
Drawing Lips / Shading Cheek and Neck
Shading Lips, Cheeks and Neck
Hair (part a)
Hair (part b)
Neck and Clothes
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PF-CBP: Charcoal Portraiture - Bonus Projects
Draw Clothing
Child Portrait of Sumaya
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PF-QPF: Quiz
Portraiture Foundations Quiz
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BX-HDC: Bonus Extra Inspiration - How to Draw People and Characters
How to Draw Cute! (Part A) - live webinar recording
How to Draw Cute! (Part B) - live webinar recording
Draw People and Cute Characters
Draw Characters Worksheet
Practical Application of Fundamental Techniques - 'Baking for Mummy'
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PP-PSV: Perspective
Introduction to Perspective
Draw Wooden Floorboards
Draw a Simple Interior with Floor Tiles
Draw Simple Rectangle Shapes
Draw a Bookcase
Draw a Fence
Draw an Ellipse in One Point Perspective
Draw an Opening Door
Draw some Steps
Draw the Outline of an Interior Room
Draw a Chair in One Point Perspective
Using a Scaling Stick to Draw Objects in Proportion
Project: Draw a Simple House in 3 point Perspective
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PP-PBP: Perspective - Bonus Project Booklets
Cosy Cottage
Animal Frenzy
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PP-PHE: Perpective - Major Project: House in English Countryside
Little House in the English Countryside - Introduction and Project Booklet
Little House in the English Countryside (part a)
Little House in the English Countryside (part b)
Little House in the English Countryside (part c)
Little House in the English Countryside (part d)
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PP-QPP: Quiz
Perspective and Proportion Quiz
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GM-BGM: Bonus Section: Grid Method
Grid Method Introduction and Project Booklet
Grid Method: Copy a Pattern (part a)
Grid Method: Copy a Pattern (part b)
Grid Method Project: Prepare your Grid (part a)
Grid Method Project: Create your Drawing (part b)
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CP-TCP: Coloured Pencil - 12 Coloured Pencil Techniques
12 Coloured Pencil Techniques - Introduction
Coloured Pencil Conversion Charts
Sharp Point
Dull Point
Cross Hatching
Striking Strokes
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CP-BPT: Coloured Pencil - Bonus Pencil Technique Project Booklets
Crazy Fluff Balls
My Colourful Kingdom
Secret Winter Woodland
Country Cottage
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CP-CPT: Coloured Pencil - Theory
Colour Theory Project Booklets
Introduction to the Colour Wheel
The Colour Swatch
Six Colour Schemes
Seeing Colour as Tone
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CP-PAS: Coloured Pencil - Project: African Daisy
African Daisy Project Booklet
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
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CP-PAL: Coloured Pencil - Major Project: Apple
Juicy Apple Project Project Booklet
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
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CP-CBP: Coloured Pencil - Bonus Projects and Booklets
Double Hearted Rose Project booklet
Luscious Strawberry Project Booklet
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7a
Step 7b
Step 8
Step 9
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CP-QCP: Quiz
Coloured Pencil Quiz
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CO-CPS: Composition
Composition Downloadable Resources
How I Compose Original Art: Three Stage Process
The Planning Stage: Ten Principles of Composition
Analysis of an Artwork using the Ten Principles of Composition
Composition Structures
Creating Thumbnail Sketches using Composition Structures and Principles
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CO-ASY: Art Style and Inspiration
Three Drawing Styles and the Development of Cindy's Style
Cindy's Art Style: Short film (for ABC OPEN)
Art Style Case Study: Richard Klekociuk
Botanical Gardens Art Inspiration with Richard Klekociuk
Art Style Case Study: Jandamarra Cadd
Jandamarra Cadd: Bridging the Divide with Colours and Dots (for ABC Open)
Art Style Case Study: Sharon Kow
Art Style Case Study: Jesse Lane
Art Style Case Study: Anita Morena
Seven Tips to Find your Art Style
Example Outline Drawing: "Waiting for the Next Meal"
Example Thumbnail Colour Planning: "Waiting for Next Meal"
Speed Drawing: "Waiting for the Next Meal"
Colour a Hard Edge Drawing
Final Project: Compose an Original Drawing
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CO-QCO: Quiz
Composition Quiz
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Course description

This course is ideal for absolute beginners who really want to learn to draw. No prior experience is necessary!

It's jam packed with exciting challenging projects that develop your drawing skills step-by-step.

You’ll soon be creating amazing the original artworks that you’ve only ever dreamed of.

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Cindy Wider
Cindy Wider Co-founder

Cindy is a professional artist, author and art instructor with 25 years of experience of sharing her passion for art with her students. As one of the internet’s most experienced instructors teaching on-line since 2008 she is the co-founder of along with her husband and fellow artist Stuart Wider. Her unique method of teaching students how to draw is known as ‘The Cindy Wider Method’.