Paint In Your Pyjamas by Cindy Wider

Paint In Your Pyjamas!

Every Woman's Guide to Finding your Life Purpose Through Art | taught by Cindy Wider
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Paint In Your Pyjamas!
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This book will become your best friend as you take your first steps towards a new and exciting future. ‘Paint in your Pyjamas’ includes step by step illustrated beginners art course to help you get started with learning how to draw and paint.

You’ll also discover Cindy Wider’s inspirational autobiographical story of how she set out on a journey of self-discovery and changed her life forever by ‘painting in her pyjamas’.

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Cindy Wider
Cindy Wider Co-founder

Cindy is a professional artist, author and art instructor with 25 years of experience of sharing her passion for art with her students. As one of the internet’s most experienced instructors teaching on-line since 2008 she is the co-founder of along with her husband and fellow artist Stuart Wider. Her unique method of teaching students how to draw is known as ‘The Cindy Wider Method’.